Breast Cancer

The Facts About Breast Cancer

Over 230,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year. While it can affect males, 99% of patients are female. Breast cancer can be classified into three main categories – ductal, lobular, and inflammatory. The most common, ductal, occurs in the lining of the ducts that carry the milk from the breast to the nipple.

The next most common is lobular that arises from the milk glands in the breast. With an incidence rate of 1 – 5%, inflammatory breast cancer is the more rare form of breast cancer, but also the most aggressive. With inflammatory breast cancer, the aggressive cells block the lymph system causing redness, swelling, tenderness, and warmness in the breast.

Treatments for Breast Cancer Available

Goods news is that all of these types can be treated here at Hyde Park Cancer Center with great precision. A treatment plan will be produced to spare as much normal tissue as possible while treating the tumor with a high dose of radiation. Surgery and chemotherapy may be used as well before, during, or after your treatment. Give us a call here at Hyde Park Cancer Center to set up a time to discuss options with our team.