Bladder Cancer

The Facts About Bladder Cancer

Worldwide, there are an estimated 383,000 cases of bladder cancer. Each year in the US, nearly 75,000 new patients will be diagnosed. The bladder is a hollow organ that’s primary function is to store urine. Bladder cancer is any of several types of cancer that forms in the tissues that line the bladder. There are three types of bladder cancers. The most common type is transitional cell carcinoma, a cancer that starts in the cells of the inner-lining of the bladder. Squamous cell carcinoma is cancer that starts in thin, flat cells of the bladder. Another type of bladder cancer is adenocarcinoma. This type of cancer begins in the cells that make and release mucus and other fluids.

Treatment for Bladder Cancer is Available

Hyde Park Cancer Center will employ the latest treatment technology that will make treating bladder cancer very effective. RapidArc radiotherapy uniquely makes bladder cancer highly treatable. Treatments for bladder cancer through daily radiation spare normal healthy tissue, while focusing in on the tumor.